Ecouteurs Melomania Touch par Cambridge Audio

find your music the way you like it

Let it be said, I was a little apprehensive about this test used to my BOSE QC45 headphones, but I was curious to test a lighter solution to listen to my playlists at the gym for example. But what are they worth?

Packaging and design: highly exploited in-ear format

To quickly restore the brand to you, Cambridge Audio is a British brand that has existed since 1968, more than 50 years of know-how and passion, around high quality audio products. From headphones, to speakers, to DACs and music systems. The Melomania 1 product had, it seems to me, a version 1, a little discredited by the expert community and considered a little young. The brand then decided to return to the market a year later with a Melomania 2 version that was supposed to be more successful.

The packaging of the earphones is qualitative, it comes as a front flap opening box

We take pleasure in immediately discovering the product, itself housed in specific notches. An explanatory note, accessories and a connection cable complete the package. The headphones have a very special design, they look nothing like the models I know, their in-ear shape with a support fin visually invites you to imagine them being very comfortable.

Indeed, the latter comes to lodge in the upper part of our ear to offer us a very appreciable hearing comfort. No more headphones that do not stay in place and move or fall! I did the test on the treadmill at over 10.5km/H, I only had to occasionally re-steady the headphones in my ears, but they didn’t fall out. They are also resistant to perspiration thanks to their IPX4 certification.

The Melomania Touch are delivered with six different sizes of tips as well as three pairs of fins to best adapt to your morphology. I myself have found my ideal combination (ear tips + fins) and I enjoy maximum comfort while listening. It is also relatively simple to make its transformations, you just have to insert the tip and put pressure on the highest part of the earpiece, then go and slide the fin there.

I emphasize the beauty of the recharging case in artificial microfiber leather covering, very light, fits in the hand and therefore fits easily in a jeans pocket. LEDs display battery status on the front and a USB-C port sits on the back. Wireless charging is not emphasized. As for the weight, they are light, only 5.9 grams each.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for discretion, they are not the best option, their elongated design resuming the shape of the ear protrudes, but the original curves still make it an elegant object.

In terms of application, use and sound quality

To start your experience, you have to download the application, which works very well and is easy to use. The main screen displays the charge percentage of the two headphones and a host of other functions for beginners and the most experienced. It is possible to take possession of the application with more targeted settings and there is even a transparency mode to be able to take full advantage of the environment.

We can easily use each earphone independently, with the Melomania touch the place of primary or secondary earphone is not assigned as on the other earphones. All connection and pairing procedures are visible to the user on the application. The panel of touch controls available on the earphones works rather well, even too well and seems a little too reactive, the music sometimes pauses when readjusting an earphone.

This has happened to me many times. Regarding the sound, it is really very good, Cambridge Audio confirms its reputation, the musical experience is really immersive. The sound coming out of the headphones is surprising and I found myself wanting to lower it naturally when I was below 30% capacity.

Outdoors, I have never felt the need to exceed 50%, I who like to listen to music at a certain volume. Regarding the bass, they dépotent as the other would say! The very present equalizer plays its role well and allows you to get closer to more faithful sounds. Myself a big fan of electronic music, I took great pleasure in listening to my favorite tracks with unparalleled acoustic precision.

Controversial autonomy on the 9 hours announced

The Melomania Touch do not last 9 hours non-stop as advertised on paper, we played the test game thoroughly, but the autonomy is nevertheless convincing. The headphones in “high performance” mode were able to play music for About 5:30 a.m. which is still not negligible. I advise you to stay on low power mode, to limit battery consumption.

As for the case, it provides a little more than 4 additional charges for the earphones: starting from a fully charged case and earphones, therefore expect a total of around 30 hours or 40 hours depending on the audio mode. Let’s talk a little about the price, count around 130 € to benefit from the comfort and power of the British brand which really comes out on top with this more accomplished and high-performance version 2.

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