Elden Ring date de sortie

Finish Elden Ring in 3 hours without dying? Yes it’s possible

A speedrunner achieves the feat of finishing Elden Ring in less than 3 hours without dying. Difficult you say?

From Software games are notorious for making life difficult for their players. However, some still manage to find and exploit certain flaws to accomplish things that were not thought possible until now. With the release ofElden Ring, a veteran player managed to set a pretty extraordinary speedrun record so soon after release. In less than 3 hours and without dying once, he manages to overcome the entire game… or almost.

It is niko bellic who is at the origin of this performance. In 2 hours and 35 minutes, you must have guessed, the player had to make some concessions and therefore found a way to land at the final boss in no time, while avoiding some superfluous and optional bosses to advance in the game. ‘adventure. He also managed to cut through shorter routes to cross the Underworld on both sides.

Other records to follow? Try your luck

Elden Ring having been released relatively early, since last February 25, it is a rather early speedrun, which does not detract from its incredible character. However, as the days pass, we can expect to discover even more impressive new records as players find ways to get the most out of the game.

For those who would be interested in how Niko Bellic works, he obviously shared his entire run on Youtube. Be careful though, the video contains a lot of spoilers. The more experienced, on the other hand, should see the few errors made by the player and use them to do better on their side.

Although the technique is always rigorous, it reassures us on one point. Elden Ring may not be as insurmountable as the studio would have us believe. Still, find out why all games should have difficulty levels for beginners here.

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