Fireteam Elite invades Xbox Game Pass in December

The Xbox Game Pass is preparing to welcome an invader from elsewhere in a dozen days: Aliens: Fireteam Elite from the studio Iron Cold Studios will land in the catalog on December 14th. This multiplayer action game derived from the multimedia franchise Alien will be available in the console catalog on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, but also PC – with crossplay in the program.

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Commando vs. Xéno

It is no coincidence that Aliens: Fireteam Elite takes up the spelling of the second episode of the franchise in the cinema. This co-operative multiplayer shooter gives pride of place to all-out action and offers players the role of a marine sent on a mission aboard the USS Endeavor.

Accompanied by 2 other troops armed to the teeth, it will then be necessary to do battle with the twenty types of enemies crawling and climbing the walls of the aircraft. We find both the cult Xenomorphs of HR Giger, but also the androids – sorry, the Synthetics designed by the Weyland-Yutani corporation, just to bring a little variety to the massacre.

This arrival in Xbox Game Pass coincides with the launch of the second season of free post-launch content for the game. Point Defense, it will introduce a new game mode – aptly named Point Defense too – as well as new cosmetic accessories and in-game emotes. Players will be able to consult the respective statistics of their favorite weapons and enjoy 4 new additions to the arsenal, ranging from handguns to huge rifles.

Desertion problem

The title of Cold Iron Studios suffered from the arrival of another FPS in co-op: if Back 4 Blood from Turtle Rock Studios is swapping aliens for the living dead, it was nonetheless a great success when it launched last October. Arrived two months later Aliens: Fireteam Elite, the zombie game has undoubtedly cannibalized (no pun intended) the attention of fans of the genre. By integrating the Xbox Game Pass, Fireteam Elite should ensure a boost to its installed base of players – just as short-lived as it may be.

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