First clinical trial for a very promising HIV vaccine

First clinical trial for a very promising HIV vaccine

It is an immense hope that has arisen for AIDS patients. A vaccine based on messenger RNA, developed by the Moderna lab, is in the test phase on humans. The results could turn the fight against HIV upside down.

Despite decades of medical research, researchers around the world have never been able to develop an effective vaccine against HIV, which continues to infect and kill hundreds of thousands of people each year. Certainly, there are drugs that allow you to live with the disease in correct conditions, but nothing yet that can eliminate it. Maybe that will be ancient history.

Messenger RNA to the rescue

The Moderna lab has developed a messenger RNA vaccine against AIDS. This technology was essential in the development of a vaccine against Covid-19, it made it possible to very quickly create a parade against the new coronavirus in barely a year. But the capabilities of messenger RNA do not stop there: HIV could also be eradicated in this way.

This new HIV vaccine has the effect of stimulating the production of the bnAb antibody, which can fight against disease variants (over time they have multiplied). Moderna has launched a first phase of testing in humans. A Phase 1 trial in 56 healthy, HIV-negative US adults. It is only a first step, but it is decisive and if the results are positive, it could be the beginning of the end for AIDS. But obviously, more trials will be needed to validate the vaccine.

The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, which is working with Moderna for this clinical trial, is optimistic. ” We are excited to move forward in this new direction of HIV vaccine design with Moderna’s messenger RNA platform. “, rejoices Mark Feinberg, president of the organization. ” The search for an HIV vaccine has been long and difficult, and having new immunogenic tools could be the key to making rapid progress towards an effective vaccine. “.

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