First rumors about new Formula 1 game from Codemasters

First rumors about new Formula 1 game from Codemasters

This is the annual meeting place for Formula 1 and video game fans: the release during the summer of the new episode of F1 by the English studio Codemasters. The 2022 vintage of the essential motorsport simulation has not yet been unveiled by its developers… But while waiting for the official announcement, the first rumors are already circulating about the content of F1 2022. They come straight from Tom Henderson, American journalist and insider who has been multiplying leaks of all kinds in recent months.

The novelties of F1 2022 are leaking at full speed

Thereby, F1 2022 should see the arrival of a whole new class of car: supercar competition will make its arrival, a first for the franchise. These high-performance “touring” cars can be purchased and collected—and of course, the player can get behind the wheel for high-speed races. Supercar races can also be played online—but logically, it won’t be possible to pit them against Formula 1 vehicles.

To return to F1 precisely: this 2022 episode should ignore the story mode. Last year, F1 2021 had introduced a narrative mode, with a real plot taking place in the world of motor racing. But this mode would not be present for the next edition, for lack of time… But could nevertheless make its return in 2023. Nevertheless, fans of solo races against the AI ​​can rest assured: the classic career mode will meet the call, again according to Henderson.

Instead of this story mode would be F1 LIFE, a kind of hub for solo players that would simulate the behind-the-scenes life of Formula 1 drivers, with the possibility of buying luxury items (like watches or glasses designer), and perhaps, one imagines, to customize his in-game avatar.

Another first for F1 2022 : the arrival of crossplay which would allow console and PC players to race, regardless of their preferred platforms. This is a novelty that has already been introduced in another Electronic Arts franchise, and not least since it is FIFA. At last, F1 2022 could also be compatible with virtual reality headsets, without further details as to the hardware concerned… And if the PS VR2 was included?

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