First spectacular images for the Inouye solar telescope

It’s inauguration time for the solar telescope Daniel K. Inouye, located in Hawaii atop Mount Haleakala. Finally fully operational, the 4-meter-diameter telescope, the largest dedicated to observing the Sun, has delivered its first images of our star and its chromosphere. Like the first steps of James Webb, these inaugural shots are frankly spectacular!

Inouye 1 Solar Telescope 1024x1024

The published images reveal an area of ​​82,000 km at a resolution of barely 18 km, which makes it possible to obtain an unprecedented level of detail on the surface of our star (where temperatures reach 7200°!). The largest solar telescope in activity, the Daniel K. Inouye is only at the beginning of many discoveries to come on our sun, but this first draft already confirms that we must expect to take full advantage of it (and for researchers full of neurons).

Inouye 2 Solar Telescope 1024x1024

In addition to the shots on the chronosphere, Inouye will also capture images of unprecedented precision of the famous coronal mass ejections. Excited by these initial results, scientists are already talking about a “new era of heliophysical studies”. We are ready.

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