first visuals of the game would have leaked

first visuals of the game would have leaked

Among publishers with cult licenses, Konami is well placed. Once a darling of players, the parent company of Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania and so many others have fallen into disuse with gamers, faced with the various choices made over the last decade. There was the media fiasco with Hideo Kojima and MGS5then the cancellation of the project PTone of the biggest controversies having seen the player on the Japanese video game scene.

And yet, after so many years, silent Hill could well make its long-awaited return. The first speculations about a revival of the franchise are not new. Several rumors have suggested that a new game from the survival horror license would be in the pipeline from Konami. But no concrete visual has filtered… Until today, and the presumed discovery of the first images for this mysterious project.

Dusk Golem – Twitter

Silent Hill on the run on Twitter? Images sow doubt

We owe this discovery to the Dusk Golem twitter account. In the past, this insider has already revealed several projects in advance – and seems particularly attracted to horror franchises like resident Evil and others. Over the past night, four leaked images have been posted by Dusk Golem. We can see a house covered with post-it on the walls, a letter placed on a table in a mess, a silhouette with supernatural semblances and a female face.

These images have since been taken down by Twitter, but are still available on the ResetEra discussion forum. These withdrawal orders would, according to one of the forum users, come directly from Konami. So many elements that tilt the balance in favor of a proven leak, and not a fake, moreover, well done.

However, if the existence of a project silent Hill is proven, it is very likely that it is different from these first screenshots. Dusk Golem specifies that these images date from a version of the game dating from 2020. The final look of the game could have been radically changed during its development. It will nevertheless still be necessary to wait for new official information before having the heart net.

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