Fitbit profils de sommeil

fitness-enhancing sleep profiles are emerging

Fitbit announces the arrival of sleep profiles for Premium subscribers. The feature will be available in early July and aggregates data from ten key sleep indicators.

Fitbit is interested in sleep tracking and announces the arrival of a new feature for Premium subscribers. For the week of July 4, the sleep profiles will be available to Fitbit Premium users and will provide longitudinal analysis of sleep patterns. Acquired at the end of 2019 for more than 2 billion dollars by Google, the firm recalls that sleep functions appeared in 2009 on its products. Now essential, they are enjoying significant success and Fitbit says it has analyzed 22 billion hours of sleep-related data.

The brand now wants to take a new step. She will analyze 10 “key sleep” parameters such as deep, disturbed sleep or regular bedtime. These different data will make it possible to establish sleep profiles and Fitbit will use animal characters to facilitate their understanding. These correspond to different categories of sleepers and subscribers will be able to see a giraffe, a bear, a dolphin, a hedgehog, a parrot or a turtle.

Fitbit sleep profiles
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Each animal has different attributes and the dolphin has, for example, the reputation of waking up more easily. The parrot tends to go to bed at fixed times while the bear has a deep sleep. The turtle refers to a slow sleep and “no one is better than the other”says Fitbit.

How it works ?

To work, users must sleep with their Fitbit device on their wrist for at least 14 days. Premium subscribers will then be able to discover the animal that suits them and better understand their habits or adapt their routine. The firm specifies that users will receive a sleep profile at the beginning of each month.

To better convince of the interest of these profiles, the American specialist in connected objects recalls the importance of good quality sleep. “It can affect your mood, regulate your appetite, prevent disease, help improve your athletic performance”, says the firm. And to add: “At Fitbit, we believe that sleep is the foundation upon which all positive health outcomes grow. »

So far, the Fitbit tool provides sleep tracking and gives basic information such as duration; light, deep and REM sleep. It also gives a sleep score and the goal now is to look at long-term trends and behaviors. The feature should first appear on the Fitbit Sense, Versa 3; Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxury and Inspire 2.

Other manufacturers are looking to improve sleep tracking. Apple notably promises new features with watchOS 9, the next version of the operating system for Apple Watch.

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