Folding smartphones soon to be more affordable

Folding smartphones soon to be more affordable

Foldable devices are certainly part of the future of the smartphone market, new manufacturers will be launching alongside Samsung, Huawei and even Motorola. Unfortunately, these products are still inaccessible to ordinary people. That could quickly change.

There is little doubt that the smartphone industry (a good chunk, at least) is moving towards folding products. At the moment, two designs seem to be winning the votes, the “foldable tablet” version like the Galaxy Z Fold, and the Galaxy Z Flip or RAZR type flap.

The prices will go down

With the arrival of new manufacturers, shapes change and evolve, as we have seen in recent days with Oppo’s intriguing Find N which refines the concept of the Z Fold. But if things are boiling on the side of manufacturers, commercial success has yet to be proven. The biggest problem with these devices is their price: they cost more than high-end smartphones.

According to the leaky Digital Chat Station, often very well informed, prices could start to drop very quickly thanks to a ” big wave »New folding screens that will boost the market. Particularly for models with horizontal notch, therefore products in “flap” format. The prices of these devices could go down to the high end level.

It remains expensive, but it is a more accessible level for the average consumer who would like to have fun. For terminals with “vertical” notch (like the Fold), it will take patience, these models are more expensive to produce if only because of the presence of a second screen on the outside.

But prices will go down as demand accelerates, leading to an increase in production which will therefore cost less. According to a Counterpoint study, deliveries of folding smartphones will increase tenfold (!) By 2023.

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