Follow William Shatner’s (Cap. Kirk) space flight live on board a Blue Origin rocket

For any SF lover, William shatner is a legend. The interpreter of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series has made millions of kids dream to the point that some have chosen to become an astronaut. This time, William Kirk (or Cap. Shatner, I don’t know anymore…) will really join space aboard a rocket. Blue Origin, the space company created by Jeff Bezos (the ex-CEO of Amazon). Captain Kirk will be accompanied during his short space trip by Audrey Powers, vice president of Blue Origin, Glen de Vries, vice president of the science and health branch of Dassault Systèmes, and Planet Lab co-founder Chris Boshuize. The launch of the rocket is scheduled for 4.30 pm (in a handful of minutes…), and it is possible to follow all of this live via the video below. Recall that at the end of this space flight, William Shatner will officially become the oldest astronaut (the actor is 90 years old).

William Shatner and the three other crew members will spend only a few minutes in zero gravity, just above the Karman line (100 km altitude)

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