Football Manager 2022

Football Manager Touch 2022 is only released on one platform

The classic and mobile version of Football Manager 2022 is already available on many media, unlike the Touch version which is exclusive.

This November 9, the game Football Manager 2022, after the great classics FIFA 22, and eFootball 2022 (formerly PES) will be released. The title has several different versions: the standard version, the Xbox version, the only one compatible on console, the mobile version and the version Touch. All these versions are out today, with some specifics for Touch.

Indeed, in October, SEGA announced that this version, optimized for touch controls, would no longer be released on mobiles. In place, it will only be available on Nintendo Switch. This follows many discussions about the cost of development and the potential benefits that the game could bring on each platform.

Regarding the classic version of Football Manager 2022, it is already available on PC via the Xbox Game Pass, the Epic Games Store, Steam and the Microsoft Store. On consoles, you will find the Xbox edition and the classic edition for Xbox Game Pass. Finally, the mobile version is available on iOS and Android devices. Are you afraid you won’t find your way around? Here is a summary table shared by SEGA including all media and all versions of Football Manager 2022.

For those who do not know the franchise Football Manager, it is about a football management game in which you are not in the place of a crampon player, but that of the coach on the edges of the field. Very complete, the game offers to lead your club to victory by making strategic decisions at each key stage of your adventure. We must therefore take care of the composition of the team, pay attention to injuries and the form of its players, who come from the real world, as on Fifa or eFootball (PES).

On mobile, the title is displayed at a price of € 9.99. On PC it is available at € 54.99, and on Nintendo Switch the Touch version is displayed at € 39.99 as on Xbox consoles. Note that the title is not compatible or available on Sony PlayStation consoles.

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