For 15 € you can buy a bank card on the internet

Bank cards are very important objects today. If the data they contain should never be disclosed, they are present in abundance on the dark web.

NordVPN is best known for its virtual private network service, which allows you to connect to the internet using an external server and thus be able to access, for example, content blocked in France, but available in the United States. Very present as an advertising partner on YouTube videos, the service is far from being reduced to that.

Indeed, the latter is also at the origin of several surveys, able to find large databases of users, often lost on the dark web. In the last part of the investigation conducted by the NordVPN teams, they made some chilling discoveries.

The market is flooded with personal data

Indeed, no less than 150,000 French bank cards were thus available for sale. A major leak as we have unfortunately become too accustomed to seeing on the internet. But even more serious, the teams of the virtual network service explain that these bank cards are worth almost nothing, so much the market is flooded by data leaks and other thefts.

According to the survey, data from a French bank card would only be worth $ 17 on the black market today. A ridiculous price when we know that it is possible once this data in its possession to liquidate the accounts in just a few minutes. The added value for hackers is therefore immense, and such a low price can only be explained by an over-representation of the offer in this market economy.

A flight that has become commonplace

Dark Web or not, it responds to the laws of the market like all trading places around the world. The more the supply increases in quantity, the more the prices will fall, because the different sellers will compete on prices in order to attract more customers. If, on the contrary, bank card data becomes very scarce, prices will then skyrocket, with very few sellers.

With such a low bank card value on the black market, it also shows how easy it is to steal a person’s bank details. This work does not require a lot of effort, otherwise the sellers would ask for a better price. In the discovery of NordVPN, which does not only affect France, more than 4.5 million cards were stolen from their owner.

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