For a while, all PS4 Trophies were PS3 Trophies

By consulting their list of Trophiesusers of the latest PlayStation consoles have recently found that their games appear as titles PS3 and not PS4. A problem since certainly solved, but which comes to add oil to the fire as for a new backward compatibility anticipated on PS5.

On the night of Monday January 24 to Tuesday January 25, 2022, a curious incident occurred on the PlayStation Network. It turns out that players who had won Trophies on PS4 titles no longer saw them in the list. And according to VGC, this malfunction was visible on PS3 and PS4 as well as on the PlayStation mobile application.


Specifically, the Trophies in question all showed a zero completion percentage, the titles of the games concerned had disappeared and the PS4 icon had been replaced by a PS3 logo. As for the PS5 Trophies, nothing had changed.

PS4 Trophies Changed to PS3: Problem Solved, But…

Since then, this problem is no longer and the PS4 Trophies now appear correctly among players. But the incident has left a mark on those who have heard and read rumors for several weeks about the arrival of a new backward compatibility on PS5.

Let us remember in particular that a few days ago, PS5 users had noted that PS3 game sheets had a price. It was not possible to buy these games, but the fact that specific prices had appeared suggested a little more, for some, that the PS3 toy library was going to be discovered one day or another to PS5 owners. There therefore seems to be little doubt that in the future that we allow ourselves to think close, Sony will announce this backward compatibility. It could, as already mentioned, revolve around a new subscription mode at PlayStation. Responding to the code name “Spartacus”, this would allow, in its highest level, access to PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 titles. As to whether Sony would also offer to bring out its old discs to insert them into his good PS5, the probability is as strong as that of a return of jumping flash.

Source: VGC

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