For Christmas, fall for these JBL headphones!

For Christmas, fall for these JBL headphones!

Whether you’re still looking for the perfect Christmas present or just want to treat yourself, the Tune 130NC and Tune 230NC wireless headphones from JBL are perfect. Here’s why…

Thinking of ditching wired headphones, replacing your wireless headphones or giving the Christmas present that will really make you happy? Then we have good news: the new wireless headphones from JBL are made for you.

Discover JBL headphones at Fnac

Tune 130NC and Tune 230NC: the new wireless babies from JBL

Last September, JBL presented its new wireless headphones, the Tune 130NC and Tune 230NC for less than 100 euros. The two products are relatively similar, with a few details. Here’s what to make you want to ditch wired headphones for good, if you haven’t already.

Wireless headphones have many benefits for the music lover that you are. Comfort, practicality, mobility… Yes, you can go make yourself a coffee or a tea in the kitchen while leaving your smartphone in the living room without cutting your music.

With the Tune 130NC and Tune 230NC, JBL brilliantly combines style and quality. No matter which model you choose between the two, you get 40 hours of JBL Pure Bas sounds. What to accompany you on a daily basis. Podcasts, playlists… Treat yourself! And if you get stranded, don’t panic: ten minutes of charging is enough for you to enjoy an hour of listening.

JBL has thought of you and offers, for its two pairs of headphones, a ergonomic design optimal comfort and resistance to water and sweat (IPX4 standard). Perfect ! Both Tune 130NC and Tune 230NC are in-ear headphones. Small difference between the two models is the design. Unlike the Tune 130NC (which have 10mm drivers), the Tune 230NC sport a stem with 6mm drivers. Otherwise, the models have the same characteristics on the data sheet.

For your comfort, the two models give you the choice between three different tips. As for outside noise, you don’t have to worry about it. The Tune 130NC like the Tune 230NC are equipped with the sactive noise reduction system. To listen to your music, and nothing but your music. When you call your loved ones, they hear you wonderfully, clearly, thanks to the four microphones of the headphones. Two on each earpiece. This is ideal!

Obviously, the Tune 130NC like the Tune 230NC benefit from touch controls, to advance, mute and restart the sound as you wish. You are in charge! You can also use Google or Alexa since voice assistants are integrated into the latest babies from JBL.

Discover JBL headphones at Fnac

The Tune 130NC and Tune 230NC from JBL are to be discovered at Fnac

Whether you fall for the Tune 130NC or the Tune 230NC, both products are priced under $ 100. In view of the quality offered, it is a godsend.

Find the headphones that are made for you at Fnac. At the moment, the French brand is offering you four months of Deezer Premium (or Family), so that you can fully enjoy your new wireless headphones. The icing on the cake is that you also have a free month of BrutX, Brut’s video platform.

Hurry up to order the headphones that made your heart capsize. You only have a few days left to receive them at or at a pick-up point before Christmas. Otherwise, you can proceed to Click & Collect and come and collect your order in store.

Discover JBL headphones at Fnac

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