For Christmas, SFR is offering Netflix for any Power fiber subscription

Between Black Friday and Christmas, the Internet service provider SFR offers very advantageous rates on fiber. By opting for the premium Power 8 box, you will also receive free access to Netflix for 6 months.

SFR is filling up with new customers for this Black Friday weekend. The internet service provider is betting on an offer that combines fiber with a Netflix subscription to appeal to its audience.

This special Christmas offer only concerns Power 8 fiber, its most complete internet box in its range. For any subscription to this formula, the ISP will offer you a bonus of 6 months of subscription to Netflix and SFR Entertainment +. The actual price of this pack is 13.49 euros per month, which is roughly a bonus of 100 euros in this case. You can then always cancel this option since it is non-binding.

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An ultra-efficient box 8

To come now to the detail of the SFR Fiber Power 8 box, here is what it contains: by default, you will have the SFR Box 7. The latter gives you fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s for download and 500 Mb / s sending), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France as well as 200 TV channels with a 4K decoder.

You can also opt for a more powerful box, the Box 8, which will allow you to have a download speed of up to 2 Gb / s (in Wi-Fi 6) as well as a more efficient TV decoder. The latter is compatible with HDR and Dolby Vision and it integrates the Alexa voice assistant.

To come to the prices, the basic version with Box 7 is displayed at 24 euros per month for the first year. Beyond that, the internet box then goes to 43 euros per month. You are completely authorized to refuse the price increase after one year since you are not committed). For the SFR Fiber Power 8 box (with the Box 8), you have to pay 34 euros per month for the first year and then 50 euros per month thereafter. Here, too, you have a 12-month commitment.

In both cases, SFR covers you up to 100 euros in termination fees if you come from the competition. This will allow you to make a very smooth transition (and at no cost). In both cases, too, you are entitled to this Christmas benefit which gives you Netflix as a bonus.

To discover the offers, it’s here:

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Below, the two offers in force (click on the visual to find out more).

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