for Christmas, you can receive it for 0 € (instead of 249 €)

On the occasion of the RED Deal, RED by SFR is offering you the Poco X3 Pro. With the current offer, the smartphone goes from 249 euros to… 0 euros. Remember to take advantage of it as soon as possible, stocks are very limited and the operation can end at any time.

RED by SFR unveiled some crazy offers as part of Black Friday, we did not expect the operator to return this week with an exceptional offer. Surprise, he decided to put the RED Deal back in the spotlight by offering the excellent Poco X3 Pro. To take advantage of it, you simply have to choose the 100 GB mobile plan which is highlighted for the occasion: here is the detail.

With RED by SFR, you have the opportunity to get the Poco X3 Pro for 0 euro. Normally, the value of this mid-range smartphone is 249 euros for this version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. In addition, this is a new model and not reconditioned. Be careful, stocks are very limited – it would not be surprising if the RED Deal does not last until its official deadline.

Take advantage of the RED Deal

Like the previous editions, the RED Deal should not last until the official end of the operation. Each time, stocks go very quickly, this will still be the case with the Poco X3 Pro. This mid-range smartphone from Xiaomi is a benchmark in the market, it is one of the best-selling models during Black Friday. If the event ends on December 6th, we can only advise you to act as soon as possible.

The Poco X3 Pro is free if …

As you can see, you have to choose a mobile plan from RED by SFR to receive the Poco X3 Pro at 0 euro. Luckily, this 100 GB offer also benefits from an immediate discount on its base price. In any case, you are a winner by choosing the RED Deal with the operator today.

In detail, this mobile package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100 GB of Internet including 13 GB from the EU and the DOM for 15 euros per month instead of 20 euros. You make immediate savings on the formula in addition to making it on the Poco X3 Pro which is sent for free when you take this model.

While RED by SFR is renowned for its mobile plan with no long-term commitment, the offer put forward under the RED Deal comes with a 24-month commitment period. This is not a constraint, because you get the Poco X3 Pro for 0 euro, but also a great subscription.

In the end, this mobile plan costs 360 euros in total for the two years of engagement. By subtracting the price of the Poco X3 Pro which is 249 euros in normal times, the offer drops to 111 euros only. To put it simply, this represents a little over 4.50 euros per month for a 100 GB Internet plan. Who says better ? Nobody is able to compete with this special operation signed RED by SFR.

Take advantage of the RED Deal

In previous editions of the RED Deal, RED by SFR offered refurbished smartphones that sold out very quickly. The Poco X3 Pro in the spotlight today is a new model, we already know that it will disappear in just a few hours, especially since it is already very popular with the general public. It is clearly one of the most popular phones offered by the operator for this special operation.

The Poco X3 Pro, an ultra popular smartphone

If we have discussed RED by SFR’s offer in detail, it is worth looking at the technical characteristics of the Poco X3 Pro. Unveiled by Xiaomi at the end of March 2021, it presents itself as an excellent mid-range smartphone. This is entitled to several technical characteristics borrowed from much more premium phones. For 0 euro, we couldn’t do better, knowing that you can quite resell the device.

In detail, the Poco X3 Pro has a beautiful 6.67-inch IPS LCD screen with Full HD + definition and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. We already appreciate this last point which is usually found on more devices. high end on the market. The round-shaped photo module has been installed in the middle of the back of the smartphone while the selfie camera is placed directly in a punch on the slab.

The Poco X3 Pro can boast of running the Snapdragon 860 chip, a high-end processor that was designed by specialist Qualcomm. On this point, this model is clearly better than the rest of the smartphones present in the entry-level segment on the market.

Finally, the Poco X3 Pro relies on a powerful 5160 mAh battery compatible with 33W fast charging for a 60% recovery of autonomy in just 30 minutes. The smartphone also has a selfie camera for a photo quartet on the back with a 48 Mpx wide-angle, an ultra-wide-angle, a macro lens and a depth sensor. On all technical points, this model clearly stands out from its category. With this offer, it simply becomes unbeatable. Do not wait for stockouts, do it as soon as possible to secure this exceptional promotion.

To enjoy the Poco X3 Pro for free, it’s here:

Take advantage of the RED Deal

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