For Microsoft, you don’t have to be on Game Pass to become viable on Xbox

Phil Spencer, Head of Division Xbox within Microsoftexplained that the games available on its machines can be successful even without being present on the Game Pass. In other words, physical sales and subscription gaming appear to be complementary for the green brand.

It’s a model that many might struggle to do without if it were to disappear. The Game Pass, like offers available for films and series, allows you to try out the full versions of quantities of titles for a monthly price lower than the price of a recent game. Moreover, more and more novelties are showing in this formula, thus allowing the less fortunate players to still stay up to date.

We suspect that to authorize their titles to be available as soon as they are released on the Game Pass, the studios concerned receive a comfortable advance from Microsoft. What’s more, their presence in this offering allows them exposure that they might not have experienced through a traditional cast.

Xbox: developers fear losing profitability if their game is not on the Game Pass

Is the Game Pass model the one of the future? Judging by the recent remarks made by the head of Xbox at the GDC, it seems rather that this formula is a perfect complement to the traditional way of consuming video games.

“I also want to make it clear to people who are there for us at Xbox that there’s not one business model that we think is going to win. Developers often ask me, ‘If I’m not in the subscription, am I no longer viable on Xbox?’ and that is absolutely not true. »

Phil Spencer added that physical games not present in Game Pass even continue to play an important role in Xbox’s results.

“We see people selling and buying games at retail, it’s a big part of our P&L [compte de pertes et profits], you know it. And it’s something that we invest resources in to allow our developers to do a good job at it. »

The next few years will show whether, despite everything, subscription gaming is likely to become the majority for the next generation.

Source: Microsoft Game Dev YouTube channel (transcribed by VGC)

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