For the last day of Black Friday, Samsung sells off the Galaxy S21 (-80%)

Tonight, Samsung will end all its offers on the Galaxy S21. So on the official website, you have a few hours left to get the premium smartphone at a ridiculous price.

Admittedly, we are the last day of the edition of Black Friday 2021. However, the Korean giant does not hesitate to maintain the rate of discounts on its official site. In this case, you have the possibility of making a gigantic saving on the new Galaxy S21. But beware, the offers end tonight. We will have warned you.

This year, Samsung did not pretend. On its official store, all the most prestigious products have seen their prices plummet. TVs, tablets and smartphones make it possible to combine the advantages to reduce their prices considerably. In the case of the Galaxy S21s, you can save more than half the price – and it can go even further.

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In France, one of the big architects of Black Friday’s success will have been Samsung. The Korean has kept the majority of the offers to display them on his store – rather than sharing them with resellers. It’s simple, this level of reduction has never been observed since the release of the Galaxy S21. Below we have compiled all the current perks.

  • 360 euros reduction
  • 100 euros bonus on resumption
  • 360 euros amount on trade-in
  • 50 euros in Google Play credits
  • A case and a SmartTag offered
  • 5% in Samsung Rewards points

By going to the store, you will discover that not all colors and all storage capacities are necessarily available. We must therefore deal with what remains. The Samsung Galaxy S21 at this price is a huge opportunity, the French have understood it. You can get Korean’s most powerful smartphone at a mid-range price. It’s madness.

Method to get cheap Galaxy S21

If you have read the list above, you must be surprised at the level of each of the discounts. And yet, it is indeed the reality of this Black Friday. When you know that the classic version of the Galaxy S21 5G is sold from 859 euros in 256 GB, you quickly understand that the price can fall very, very low. The same goes for the S21 Ultra, the brand’s best-seller, which will also take a hell of a beating.

To start in order, you will first receive an immediate discount on the Galaxy S21. This will be withdrawn directly from the amount of your order. Depending on the model you choose, this discount will vary between 160 and 360 euros. For the more powerful (and more expensive) Galaxy S21 Ultra, this amount will obviously be 360 ‚Äč‚Äčeuros. The lowest premium concerns the classic S21.

Then a very important element that will influence the price is the recovery. If you have a smartphone to give back against this Galaxy S21, you will be able to hit the jackpot for Black Friday. Not only does Korean offer you a bonus of 100 euros (whatever the device) but in addition it offers you up to 360 euros on the actual amount of the returned smartphone. The more recent the smartphone you return, the higher the amount of the trade-in.

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To continue on the savings around this Galaxy S21, we can then talk about Samsung Rewards. These are points that are offered and represent 5% of your total purchase. It is an internal loyalty and cashback program at Samsung. This amount will be credited to you in the form of Samsung Rewards after purchasing the Galaxy S21 and you can spend it on the official website.

Finally, Samsung spoils you on in-kind bonuses – in the form of accessories. If you take the Galaxy S21 there, you will have a free shell, a SmartTag or even 50 euros to spend on the Google Play Store. If you are lost between all these bonuses, we just invite you to go to the Samsung site and discover the simulator which will tell you explicitly and simply what you are going to receive overall.

The Galaxy S21, best smartphones for Android?

In the world, we readily oppose Samsung and Apple. The first runs on the Android operating system while the second is on iOS. In the market for Android devices, there is competition: Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo etc. However, the Galaxy S21 remain at the top of their game. Released during the year 2021, they are references at all levels.

We could start with the aesthetic part. First of all, there is a magnificent OLED screen with 120 Hz cooling. It’s the best you can find on the market. Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of screens, it is known for having sublime panels. The finishes of these Galaxy S21 are also perfect, the design is unanimous. Note that the screen varies from 6.2 to 6.8 inches depending on the model.

To optimize performance, Samsung has integrated its own Exynos 2100 processor. It is the most powerful of the brand and also one of the best available on the market. All Galaxy S21s are compatible with the 5G network, although it is still a bit limited in France. This will allow you in the years to come to benefit from a super-fast network.

Important point on the high-end like the Galaxy S21, the photo. If they are all excellent at this point (both in light and dark environments), there is the Galaxy S21 Ultra which stands out as the best of the whole market. With a main module of 108 MP, you have the best of the best for taking pictures. We can only advise you. By accumulating discounts, it falls much lower.

Finally, autonomy is also its strong point since it lasts a day and a half. Fast, reverse and wireless charging is available – making it one of the most versatile devices out there. In short, after all these descriptions, we invite you to hurry to take advantage of the latest models in stock. Tonight, the Galaxy S21 will no longer be displayed at this price and Samsung will be done with Black Friday.

To discover the offers, it’s here:

See Samsung offers

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