For the start of the school year, Emma cuts the price of her excellent mattresses (-40%)

The famous mattress brand Emma unveils large-scale offers on its beds and sleep accessories. Discounts can go up to -40% depending on the references.

Emma is the most popular mattress brand in Europe. If it was born in Germany almost ten years ago, it has conquered other countries with beds equipped with two qualities that are far from negligible. The first is the comfort provided by the models in its range, which are suitable for the vast majority of the public. In addition, the manufacturer can claim excellent value for money that puts it ahead of its competitors in the market — and also a service that includes 100 trial nights.

Emma mattresses are at a low price this weekend on the brand’s official website. If it is possible to save up to -40% on beds, packs or sleep accessories, you can even benefit from -10% extra with our code JDG10. To do this, simply click on the link or button below.

Discover the Emma offers

Emma regularly offers discounts on its mattresses and other references, but it is rare that they go so high. This weekend, you can get savings that are about a third of the base price, it’s exceptional. In return, these offers all end at the beginning of the coming week.

The Emma Original and Emma Hybrid mattresses

If you know Emma, ​​you have certainly heard of the Emma Original mattress. It is the German brand’s bestseller, it is presented as a universal shape memory bedding. Intended for the greatest number, it is the first model made official by the manufacturer when it arrived on the market.

With the Emma Original mattress, the brand got it right. While it has been awarded many times by the UFC-Que Choisir and Best Choice of the Year, it has also risen to the rank of the best-selling bedding in France during the years 2019 and 2020. With more than 7% of sales, it has surpassed the competition on the internet and in stores. If this bestseller can boast of such a title, it is not for nothing. With three layers of thickness for a height of 25 cm, this memory foam model combines soft comfort and firm support for a result that is neither too firm nor too soft.

The Emma Original remains the brand’s reference mattress and the reason for which it has become known over the years. For this, the brand has also considered the quality-price ratio, a key element in the choice of a new bedding. Thus, its model is perfectly located in the average budget that the French public is ready to invest in a new mattress. By associating the current offer with the promo code, this version in 140×190 cm drops to 449 euros instead of 632 euros only, remember to enter the code JDG10 before validating the order.

Discover the Emma offers

If Emma was satisfied with a single mattress for years, she decided to go even further by moving towards the hybrid. In 2021, it therefore released the Emma Hybride, a premium bedding that combines memory foam and pocket springs. Once again, there is a cover for softness and hygiene, the upper part can be removed to machine wash. With springs, you can count on a perfectly ventilated and comfortable bedding all year round.

Emma sets at low prices

Given the premium composition of this mattress — provided by the pocket coil layer, the Emma Hybrid is more expensive than the Emma Original. If it’s not specifically targeted by an offer on the brand’s official website, there is another option: Emma sets. These packs respond to a simple observation, that of being able to change all your bedding at the same time. This practice is still recommended to maximize the benefits of all sleep accessories over time and, logically, to sleep better.

On one side, we find the Ready to Sleep Original pack. As its name suggests, it includes the famous Emma Original mattress, but also two Original shape memory pillows (from 140×190 cm) and a bed base. The latter is made of slats and made in France, it is another popular reference of the bedding brand. Currently, this set benefits from a reduction of -20%, it is almost a quarter of the total that you save by completely changing your bedding.

Emma mattress
The Ready to Dream Hybrid set © Emma

Otherwise, you can take the Ready to Dream Hybrid set. In this one, you will find the Emma Hybrid mattress with its memory foam and its pocket springs for 4 layers of comfort. Next to it is the Emma Select bed, an Elected Product of the Year 2022 model with an optional headboard. There are also two Orignal pillows (from 140×190 cm), a mattress protector and a duvet. You save up to -40% by taking this pack as part of the summer promotions.

The benefits of the brand

Whether you take a single mattress or a set, Emma remains as generous as ever with the benefits included with the purchase. With the 100-night trial, you test sleeping from home for more than three months, in real conditions from your bedroom. It’s a perfect way to respond to traditional shops that brag about offering a trial while this one is done in five minutes in a crowded store, all on a plastic film.

Each mattress benefits from this trial, which means that you can contact the brand any time during these 100 days to collect the bedding and then give you a full refund. This 100-night trial is still a great advantage, especially when combined with free and fast delivery. If you take the Emma Original, you are delivered to your home or elsewhere in 3 to 5 working days (and free of charge).

Emma, ​​they are good mattresses, but also good value for money and benefits galore. The brand claims a return rate of less than 3% on its beds, which is a good representation of the quality of its beds and its service.

Discover the Emma offers

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