For too much of an incentive for micro-transactions, Gran Turismo 7 crashes on Metacritic

After an update that made acquiring cars even longer and maintenance that prevented access for more than a day, Gran Turismo 7 suffers the wrath of players on Metacritic. On the famous note aggregator, the Polyphony Digital title has just recorded the lowest user score in the history of the saga (yes, even behind Gran Turismo 5 Prologue).

The commercial of Gran Turismo 7 aired for a few days on television was able to strike nostalgics, with these countdown sounds directly taken from the first episode. But what this video obviously could not render is the heaviness of the experience that players have been facing for a few weeks now.

Last Saturday, our colleagues from VGC reported that Gran Turismo 7 then had the lowest user score of any Sony franchise on Metacritic, with an average rating of 2.5 out of 10. It was the PS5 version that was targeted here, with over 3,600 reviews cast. Today, as we approach 5,600 reviews, the rating has fallen to 2 all round.

Gran Turismo 7 on Metacritic: a rumble mainly observed on PS5

Note that if, in its PS4 version, Gran Turismo 7 is also mistreated on the rating aggregator, with an unflattering score of 2.8 out of 10, the opinions are “only” 397.

Most of the negative comments were posted from March 17, when a patch was deployed that made acquiring cars even longer, not to say laborious. More specifically, the rewards at the end of the race were seen reduced, and it appeared more or less clear that the players were encouraged to return to the cash register to progress almost normally. And even before this update, some cars were much more expensive than in Gran Turismo Sports.

Not to mention this maintenance, which dragged on for more than a day, when the vast majority of Gran Turismo 7 cannot be accessed without an Internet connection.

Knowing that even professional players of the title find fault with this push for micro-transactions, Polyphony Digital should not remain inactive on the issue.

Source: Metacritic (via VGC)

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