For Valentine’s Day, offer this Lego bonsai, it will last longer💗

For Valentine’s Day, offer this Lego bonsai set which is on sale today at Amazon!

Amazon offers the set Bonsai at a bargain price right now, i.e. 35.99 euros (after immediate reduction + 4 euro coupon on the product page) instead of 49.99 euros. An ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, and this one does not require special care, you will have it for a lifetime.

Offer a bonsai in LEGO

The art of bonsai has captured the imagination of tree lovers for centuries. LEGO fans or those looking for new forms of recreation can bring this ancient art to life with the 878-piece building kit!

Builders will be able to taste a newfound calm by meticulously bringing together green leaves and pink cherry blossoms to give birth to their bonsai. Want a change or the arrival of a new season? Nothing could be simpler: the crowns of colors allow you to instantly transform the aesthetics of your tree.

The LEGO bonsai tree comes with a rectangular pot and a wooden slat LEGO stand, creating a lovely display piece, both at home and in the office. Careful observers will notice that each flower is made up of frog-like elements.

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