For Valentine’s Day, the excellent Emma mattresses are sold off (-50%)

For Valentine’s Day, Emma is pulling out all the stops: her popular mattresses like the Original or the Hybrid see their prices plummet on the official store. With code JDG10 you can get an additional 10% off.

In France, Emma is the favorite mattress brand of the French. In recent years, the German company has raided the market with its beds sold exclusively via its website. There is a nice counterpart to this exclusive sales channel: free and fast delivery, and a 100-night trial period.

If the brand has achieved such a feat, it is because it offers premium mattresses with exceptional value for money. By selling its products directly, it can thus boast of being 2 to 3 times less expensive than equivalent beds in a traditional shop. The icing on the cake: for Valentine’s Day, mattresses see their prices drop even further. To the 40% discount on the site, you can add an additional 10% discount with the code JDG10.

I take advantage of the offers

The Emma Original mattress represents approximately 7% of all mattress sales in France. With a high-end composition (including memory foam) and a low price, it turns out to be the perfect compromise. Available in one and two-seater format, it meets all uses and especially the average budget. To easily last 10 to 15 years, it is the best investment.

As part of this Valentine’s Day offer, the Emma Original mattress will see its price drop between 20 and 40%, depending on the size of the bed. Again, you can also take another 10% off with the code JDG10. In details, on the 90×190 cm format, the price is 296 euros instead of 503 euros. On a double format 140×190 cm, it will only cost you 431 euros instead of 627.

The Emma Hybrid mattress in a pack

A year ago, Emma announced a new mattress: the Hybrid. The latter is more premium than the Original, but it is also more expensive. This does not prevent it from finding its audience: it now represents more than half of the company’s mattress sales. His status as “best pick” by UFC Que Choisir in 2021 is a guarantee of quality.

In terms of composition, the Hybrid mattress combines memory foam with pocket springs. This is the best for a mattress today. It is just as cool as the Original mattress (thanks to a technology that dissipates all the heat from the foams) and it offers unparalleled comfort. If you want to have maximum pleasure, we recommend this model.

Unlike the Emma Original mattress, this one isn’t discounted for Valentine’s Day. However, you can take advantage of a discount on a pack “Ready to Dream Hybrid” which includes this famous mattress, a bed, two pillows, a mattress protector and a duvet. The reductions are ultra aggressive since they oscillate around 40% on all formats.

For example, if you opt for a complete kit for a 140×190 cm Hybrid mattress, it will cost you 1107 euros instead of 1849 euros (with the code JDG10). To give you a point of comparison: the Emma Hybrid mattress is sold alone at a price of 999 euros. In other words, here, for 207 euros more, you have the total. It is an exceptional offer that is worth the detour. Sleep experts also advise changing all the bedding at the same time to maximize the benefits.

For those who already have a bed, there is also a “Emma Hybrid Pack” which is more reasonable in terms of price: it includes the mattress, two pillows and a mattress protector for the price of 738 euros instead of 1262 euros (with the special code JDG10). From a value for money point of view, you can’t find better: it’s more than 40% off an ultra high-end product.

Discover the Emma Hybrid

A 100-night trial period

The Emma Hybrid mattress is not the only one to benefit from reduced prices via packs for Valentine’s Day. This is also the case for the Original mattress which is included in more or less complete formulas. This can range from the mattress alone (as we detailed above) to a formula that also includes the bed, pillows, duvet and mattress protector.

No matter which mattress you take from Emma, ​​you will have the same customer experience. This involves a mattress available for payment up to 10 times free of charge, free delivery and within a limited time and 100 trial nights. Throughout this period, you can ask the brand to come and take over the bedding if it does not suit you. The procedure is free, it does not commit you to anything.

In his communications, Emma limits the validity of its offer to February 14, 2022 at midnight. If you want to buy a high quality mattress and make your spouse happy, now is the time to go for it. You have no risk since the two beds are balanced and they come with a trial period. Note that they are also guaranteed for 10 years.

To see the Valentine’s Day offers, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offers

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