Ford Robot

Ford: 100% automated and autonomous factories thanks to a robot interface – 3D printer

Ford, the inventor of assembly line work, has for several years become one of the most fervent defenders of the automated factory operating with the fewest possible workers. I’Advanced Manufacturing Centerthe robotics division of Ford, has developed an interface (patent pending) allowing robots to “communicate” with 3D printers!

Ford Robot

In detail, robotic arms Javier from the manufacturer Kuka can now exchange instructions with printers 3D Carbon, which allows the 3D printing factory to operate without any human intervention, including at night. Even better, robots can “enhance” their communication with printers through techniques of machine-learning, which reduces errors and increases the precision of manipulations. As soon as the printed car component is ready, Javier collects it and places it in a drop zone.

For information, Ford’s 3D printing factory manufactures small custom car parts but also brake pipe supports for certain models of sports cars (the Mustang Shelby GT500 for example).

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