Ford makes electric pickup with 1970s concept

Electric cars seem to be the inescapable future of the automobile, faced with the nostalgia of some, the brands redoubeltn of inventiveness to find the best way to seduce a clientele closed to change.

The automotive world is in full transition. Historic brands like the American giant Ford are offering new versions of its historic models by transforming them into electric vehicles.

This time it’s the turn of a pickup, a timeless model in the United States, to go electric in a rather successful retrofuturist version according to the first feedback from critics. Based on the iconic model of the Detroit firm, the 1978 F-100 pickup, this new version called the F-100 Eluminator offers features that will surprise lovers of the brand.

With all-wheel drive and an electric motor capable of delivering 480 horsepower, this new pick-up has everything to please the historic Ford public as well as the new generation, resolutely turned towards the electric. But unfortunately, this model is for the moment only a concept and no information concerning the marketing of the latter has yet left the bowels of the American factories of the company.

According to Eric Cin, global director of vehicle and accessories customization at Ford, this concept is “a glimpse of how the brand intends to help its customers go all-electric and adopt performance without tailpipe emissions.” All while keeping the style of one of the most iconic vehicles of the firm and of an era.

Retrofuturism: the (real) future of the automobile?

With an interior that perfectly handles the mix of styles between a conserved retro side that will appeal to purists, the brand manages to add some touches of modernity or even futurism with regard to the dashboard. No more big temptation, Ford gives way to a large screen all in length. The proof that the American firm knows very well how to make new with old.

But Ford is far from being the only automobile brand to reclaim its historic models to make all-electric vehicles full of technology of all kinds. Indeed, closer to us, the historic Renault diamond brand has already taken the bet several months ago to equip its legendary R5 with an electric motor, giving a second life to this legendary car of the French firm. .

With these reissues, brands are taking the gamble of seducing a wide audience, ranging from nostalgic consumers who rediscover the models of their youth, to the new generation who are never against adding a side. vintage in his daily life.

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