Foreign travel ban for Russian space program employees

The war continues in Ukraine and international sanctions continue to rain down on Russia. These sanctions are not, however, the only threats that the country of Vladimir Putin must face. The country is indeed undergoing a brain drain.

A brain drain is when scientists, doctors, or even researchers from a region decide to leave en masse, and this is a phenomenon that is not new in Russia. However, with the severe economic sanctions and restrictions on freedom of speech in the country since the start of the invasion, a large number of Russian citizens are trying to leave.

Faced with the risk of seeing his employees leave and never return, the boss of the Russian space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, has decided to take matters into his own hands. It simply prohibited these employees from traveling abroad.

The order given by Rogozin

It was a Moscow-based journalist named Kamil Galeev who caught wind of Rogozin’s order. On Wednesday, March 9, Galeev posted an image showing the order in question on Twitter. The document dated February 28, that is to say a few days after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The reporter later added that border guards had been ordered to stop all tech and IT specialists if they tried to leave the country.

A detrimental effect in the long term

We can say that this is a logical decision on the part of Rogozin if we consider his actions since the beginning of this war. He hasn’t been shy about using Twitter to post pro-Putin and anti-American posts. He even argued with people from the world of space exploration like former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.

For now, the decision made by Rogozin could work. However, this will not always work and the consequences could one day be disastrous for the country.

According to Nikolai Roussanov, professor of economics at the University of Pennsylvania, in the long term, a brain drain could become the biggest problem facing Russia. He added that this phenomenon would accelerate, especially as foreign academic institutions are cutting ties with those of Russia.

SOURCE: Futuristic

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