Forspoken: Square Enix's PS5 exclusivity is postponed for several months

Forspoken: Square Enix’s PS5 exclusivity is postponed for several months

The open-world RPG Forspoken (advertised as Project Athia) had not really raised the crowds during its demo unveiled at the end of last year. The more than mixed opinions of most of the specialized media dampened the hopes which were nevertheless high after the first trailer. Is it for this reason that the publisher Square-Enix has seen fit to postpone the release of the title? Still, the game of Luminous Productionsinitially announced for May 24 on PS5 and PC, now switches to October 11!

Square Enix explains that it will take advantage of these few additional months to “tweaking the game”…and hopefully also to fill in an open world that felt extremely empty in the demo. As a reminder, Forspoken places the player in control of Frey Holland, a young woman with magical powers (played by actress Ella Balinska) who will explore a vast mysterious land.

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