Fortnite definitely adds a no-build game mode

It was almost unavoidable after its introduction in the last game update, and it’s now official: Fortnite will be well endowed with a mode without building. After debuting for a limited time last week, this mode dubbed “Zero Building” will offer an alternative game for those allergic to the classic formula of Fortnite. What potentially widen the audience of the battle royale which is already among the most played on the market.

Zero Build mode now available in Fortnite

Always the scene of diverse and varied experiments, Fortnite welcomes a new game mode that upsets its usual metagame. As explained in the press release available on the Epic Games website, this Zero Construction mode drastically disrupts Fortnite gameplay mechanics by depriving players of their ability to modulate the battlefield through their constructions.

Zero Building tests your skills in shooting, item management, and movement. You’ll find it in the Discover menu, along with the Solo, Duos, Trios, and Sections game modes. (To access the Discover menu, click the “CHANGE” button above “PLAY!” in the lobby.)

The gameplay thus remains identical to the game mode without temporary construction added last week to the game. The absence of construction brings its share of new mechanics, such as the presence of a rechargeable overshield in addition to the shield and the health of the players. The range of movement of game avatars is also expanded, with the presence of a sprint, but also the possibility of climbing ledges. “Zero Construction” mode is available now in Fortnite.

Also in recent news from Fortnite, the battle royale saw the arrival of a cosmetic skin bearing the image of Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man’s partner, accompanied by her Web Scratcher pickaxe. The opportunity to reintegrate the Green Goblin’s outfit into the item shop, for those who wouldn’t have had the chance to put themselves in the shoes of the Weaver’s nemesis.

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