Fortnite servers crash causing temporary game shutdown

Recently, an outage hit the servers of Fortnite, Epic Game’s Battle Royale type game, causing the game to be temporarily shut down. The outage lasted more than 5 hours. The team said on Twitter that the game will be temporarily unavailable and no player can log in until they find a solution to get it back on track.

The Epic Games team then said that they were still working on a fix to get Fortnite back online, and also, they wanted to apologize to all players for the outage they suffered. After hearing at length, around 6:30 p.m. ET last Wednesday, players reported that the game was back on line.

Details of the Fortnite server outage

At around 11:00 a.m. ET, before the servers went down, many players reported that the game was unreachable. They noted a notification telling them: ” You don’t have permission to play Fortnite “. It was from this moment that the company began to investigate the problem..

Eventually, the Epic Games launcher was unable to start Fortnite. The signal indicated that the servers were offline. Many players insisted on starting the game, but it was unsuccessful.

Have Fortnite’s servers been restored?

After spending five long hours of waiting, the Fortnite team finally said the game was back on track. In addition, as compensation for this incident, they were planning to add an additional gift. Indeed, Fortnite would give details to help players make up for lost time.

Players had also complained that they could not connect or access their games in offline mode. But it looks like the issue is now fixed and Epic Games’ desktop launcher is working to let gamers play other games on PC.


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