Forza Horizon 5 will review the PvP part of its online mode

The multiplayer of Forza Horizon 5 will see some big changes this week. A patch scheduled for tomorrow will completely overhaul Horizon Open, the online part of the game, to (finally) integrate PvP progression.

Yes Forza Horizon 4 already had a progression system for racing against other players, its sequel ditched the idea in favor of a much less competitively focused experience. All multiplayer-related changes are detailed in a patch notes available on the official Forza website.

Forza Horizon 5 is revamping its PvP

Horizon Open, the online mode of Forza Horizon 5, will therefore finally be equipped with a progression system for PvP races. Badges can thus be unlocked over the course of the games, in a progression system similar to that of the previous game Forza Horizon 4.

The fifth episode had made the drastic choice to set aside any type of generalized ranking for multiplayer games. This choice was in line with the general philosophy of the game, much more focused on the pleasure of driving than on competition. But presumably, there is indeed a demand among players to assess their progress as they race against other drivers.

Custom Races will also allow players to choose the class and category of races undertaken in Horizon Open. Concretely, this additional filtering option will make it possible to search for very specific types of races, for example in Cross Country or in Street Racing, and according to the categories of vehicles. These are classified by a grading system ranging from D for the slowest, to S-1 for the fastest.

The patch notes also specifies that waiting times following multiplayer games will also be shortened. Finally, more generally, this new patch also promises to fix some graphical bugs related to cars, as well as to improve “stability and performance” Game. Forza Horizon 5 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, as well as Game Pass.

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