Four Quarters encourages players to hack its game

Since its beginning, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia does not stop creating negative impacts in the lives of many people. Lately, the victims are Russian developers and gamers. Indeed, because of this war in Ukraine, some Loop Hero players who are in Russia are no longer able to use the usual payment methods to acquire games on Steam.

Thus, the Russian independent studio which is openly opposed to the conflict encourages Russian players to hack the game so that they can continue to enjoy it. However, Four Quarters sensitizes them at the same time to provide financial support to their loved ones or to people in need.

Gamers in Russia struggle to get games on Steam

Loop Hero has had great success since its release in March 2021, it is available on PC and Nintendo Switch. The player is stuck in a time loop and must confront the Lich to escape. Thus, he must build his own map with spaces of different types such as mountains, churches, a campfire or even forests. So the main goal is to gather resources for the final fight.

Recently, Russia has received numerous sanctions and the field of video games has not been spared. But the problem is that some digital stores no longer accept payment with Russian currency such as Steam or the Nintendo eShop. This makes it very difficult for players to validate their purchases. In addition, bank card networks are cut in the areas affected by the war.

Four Quarters encourages hacking of its own game

The Russian developers of Four Quarters have posted a message on the Russian social network VK announcing that they encourage players to pirate their game. Indeed, they have raised the flag of piracy. They encourage players to download it for free via the link they provided themselves.

This is a selfless move on their part as some players wanted to donate but they politely declined. The developers said they were grateful for the support but had no worries there. On the other hand, they encouraged players to make donations to people who are really in need.


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