France is the country in Europe where tech products are the most expensive

France is the country in Europe where tech products are the most expensive

According to Eurostat figures for the year 2019, France would be the European country where consumer electronics products are the most expensive.

Why is the iPhone still more expensive in France than in the United States, even though the dollar is weaker than the euro? Even more enigmatic, why is the iPhone more expensive in Germany than in France, even though the currency is the same? The finding is valid for many other electronic products, smartphones through PCs, televisions, cameras, and even speakers and headphones. In reality, France would even be the European country where consumer electronics are sold the most expensive, according to a recent report by Eurostat, the research institute of the European Union.

According to Eurostat, tech products are up to 11% more expensive in France compared to the European average. Behind the Hexagon, we find Malta, Portugal and Sweden, and, among the countries where our electronic gadgets are the cheapest, we find Romania, Poland and Bulgaria. Now you know where to buy your tech products if you’re on vacation in the area. Eurostat figures do not indicate the reason for this price difference, but we can in particular include taxes (20% VAT in France), and also the tax on private copying in France, which applies precisely. electronic products that contain memory, such as smartphones, computers, hard drives, SD cards, etc.

Moreover, apart from electronic products, France remains a country where prices are generally higher than everywhere else in Europe, even if it is not systematically the most expensive either according to the categories. French prices would thus be 26% higher than the European average for tobacco and alcohol, 23% for hotels, and even 15% higher for foodstuffs. In these last two categories, Denmark remains far ahead of France as the country where food, restaurants and hotels are the most expensive in Europe.

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