La France met en place sa plateforme nationale de calcul quantique

France sets up its national quantum computing platform

The Armed Forces, Research and Digital Ministers officially launched the national quantum computing platform on Tuesday. It should make it possible to develop this technology in France, which will revolutionize IT.

France sets up its national quantum computing platform

France relies on quantum computing

The program will consist of coupling quantum machines to a classic supercomputer at the Bruyères-le-Châtel center, in Île-de-France, to constitute hybrid systems capable of unprecedented performance for certain types of calculations and applications. Several types of quantum machines must be tested, said Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O, launching the program with Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly and Minister of Research Frédérique Vidal.

“We want to ensure that this platform can be used for development” various French and European start-ups that are developing quantum machines, said Cédric O. “By mid-2022, we will open a procedure (…) for the purchase of two to three quantum hardwares which are integrated into the platform”, he added. According to him, “Two other calls for tenders are planned over the next three years”.

The first coupling of a quantum machine with a supercomputer is scheduled for 2023, according to AFP. Among the French start-ups that will be able to provide a quantum machine is the start-up Pasqal, which is in the process of developing a 100 Qubit machine (the unit making it possible to characterize the potential of a quantum computer) based on technology. neutral atoms.

70 million euros for the quantum plan

The platform will allow European start-ups “To deploy their machine in real situations (…) with all the logistical support that this represents”, consultant and quantum specialist Olivier Ezratty told AFP. One of the objectives is also to “Set up all the software infrastructure that will allow users to learn how to operate these machines”, he said.

The State launched this project as part of the quantum plan announced last year by Emmanuel Macron. It plans to spend up to 70 million euros, with up to 100 million euros in funding from other partners, including the European Union and manufacturers.

The Bruyères-le-Châtel computing center, managed by the Atomic Energy Commission, is one of the most important European computing centers. It is used by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces and by the world of Industry and Research.

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