French, we would be much less intelligent than our European neighbors

Of all species, humans are still clearly the most intelligent, and this is noticeable in their achievements. Space travel, the splitting of the atom or even the creation of supercomputers remain examples among many others.

However, not all of these inventions are the result of a solitary genius. On the contrary, they result from the collective efforts of an organization or a country. In this way, based on certain criteria, we can determine the smartest country. And according to the numbers, France would be in penultimate position, and would therefore be less intelligent than its European neighbours. How is it possible ?

The most reliable ranking of the smartest countries in the world was made by Vouchercloud. The latter offers a list of the top 25 countries in the world based on some key information. Among others, the factors that define a nation’s level of intelligence include: the contribution to progress and inventions, the highest average IQ and academic achievement of its inhabitants.

Similarly, to quantify a country’s intelligence, analysts rely the number of Nobel Prizes won (evidence of historical intelligence), current average IQ and level of education. This last criterion allows at the same time to predict the potential intelligence of the future generation. By referring to all these data, we can therefore highlight the most intelligent countries, and notice that France is far from the top 20 places.

Ranking of the smartest countries in the world

On the list of the smartest countries in the worldAsia and Europe remain the most represented in the lead. Japan ranks first thanks to its high ranking in all three categories (5th for school tests and 6th overall). The United States, on the other hand, comes in fourth place, thanks to their impressive dominance in the Nobel Prize category. Indeed, they alone count 368 prizes, triple that of the United Kingdom, second in the list.

As for the current average IQ, the United States stagnated in 28th place, while their level of education remains in 13th place. In the Top 10 smartest countries, Europe has 5 nations : Switzerland (2nd), the Netherlands (5th), Russia (6th), Belgium (7th) and the United Kingdom (8th). Sadly, France is not there; she occupies the 24and ranking position, in penultimate position.

The criteria for ranking the smartest countries

To determine countries that are considered smarterthe scientists base themselves on three key criteria, namely:

  • The number of Nobel Prizes won: in this category, Western countries remain the most awarded. However, with the Asian intelligentsia raking in more and more prizes, the situation could change very quickly;
  • From the Current national IQ: here, Asia occupies the first places. It is only at the seventh position that you will find a European country (Finland). Mongolia ranks 12th (average IQ of 100) while the United States is not even in the top 25;
  • Academic achievement : when we take students who have obtained a high grade in school, Asia still takes the top five spots. Russia comes in sixth place and the United States in thirteenth place. The surprise remains Kazakhstan which ranks ninth.

With these criteria, we understand better why France finds itself at the 24and positionpenultimate in the top 25. It thus turns out to be less intelligent than its neighbors. like Belgium, Germany, Finland and Hungary. However, this remains an analysis based on three criteria only. It is therefore not an axiom, an absolute truth.

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