gran turismo 7 realisme

from video game to reality, there is only one step

Gran Turismo 7 shows off its stunning photorealism in a new trailer that compares reality to video gaming.

In just a few days, car simulation fans will be able to get their hands on the long-awaited Gran Turismo 7. Until then, Sony gives us many previews of the game and returns today to the photorealism that characterizes the franchise, but not only. Indeed, the firm also wants to show us how we go from video games to reality, also concerning the sensations of driving and the reproduction of real circuits.

To illustrate the performance of the game, Sony takes the example of the famous circuit of Willow Springs, located in California in real life. Professional driver Dai Yoshihara takes us on a tour of the real circuit, while player Steve Brown, alias Super GT, does the same on the virtual circuit. A double-edged trick that makes us realize how much painstaking work Sony does to make the driving experience as authentic as possible.

Visually, Gran Turismo 7 still seems a bit too smooth and lacks a bit of textures in the road or the general environment. But with regard to the fidelity of the course or the car used, realism is there. Boosted by the performance of the PS5, the Willow Springs circuit appears larger than life.

Obviously, flying in hand, it is Dai Yoshihara who receives the most sensations and adrenaline. But the video game also makes a strong impression on Steve Brown, who seems to know the circuit by heart and who is, however, always impressed by its difficulties. At the level of the car, if the real driver headed for a Toyota, the videographer preferred to test the circuit with a Tesla.

An imminent release

All in all, each of the two men came out of this experience with the desire to test the other’s toy. To test the tar with your favorite car, you will have to wait until March 4th. Expected on PS4 and PS5, Gran Turismo 7 has opened its pre-orders, so you can already let yourself be tempted by the game before its release.

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