FromSoftware addresses the lifespan of the game

Fresh from going gold, FromSoftware celebrates the imminent release of its latest baby Elden Ring during a virtual presentation at the Taipei Game Show 2022. In addition to the official announcement of the end of development—and a new gameplay clip prepared for the occasion—its producer Yasuhiro Kaito addressed the subject of the life of the title, a subject having seen a few thorns grow across the Atlantic after crazy promises quickly put into perspective.

For Elden Ring, the expectations are in line with FromSoftware’s customs, with a lifespan that will largely depend on the curiosity—and tenacity—of the players.

Thirty hours, and more if you like

Straight to the point, the producer believes that the main plot of Elden Ring should not exceed 30 hours of play: “This will change depending on the players” Kaito announces in an interview transcribed by the VideoGamesChronicle site, “but in terms of the target duration during development, we wanted to ensure that the main campaign could be completed in about 30 hours“. Before stoking the wrath of those who swear by the good old adage of wanting for your money, Kaito clarifies that the title taken as a whole promises all the same “several dozen hours of additional gameplay“, which more or less falls within the studio’s usual standards.

Like the studio’s other games, several parts of the map—and we imagine, boss fights—will remain optional and can be explored at will. Finally, the New Game + system, so essential to FromSoftware game aficionados, will also be there. It will allow the most masochistic to transfer their save to a new game with even stronger enemies.

Not 100% before the evening NG+

Another interesting detail that should make 100% addicts wince: it will be necessary to start a new game after having finished the game for the first time to be able to discover the game in its entirety. “Technically it is impossible to complete the game 100% as there are different paths to the end” explains Kitao, before adding that it will nevertheless be possible “to get closer” of the sacrosanct 100%.

The output of Elden Ring is expected on February 25 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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