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Frontier has bad news for console gamers

It’s a cold shower for console players of Elite Dangerous, who are completely out of the studio’s plans from now on.

Frontier Developments, the developer of Elite Dangerous, has announced that it is halting development of all content for PlayStation and Xbox until further notice. This concerns in particular the DLC Odyssey, which will therefore not land on console until proven otherwise. “We struggled to find the best way forward, and it is with a heavy heart that we decided to cancel all console development.“, announced his boss David Braben.

This is a direct response to the expansion’s tumultuous release on PC. Odyssey was a long-awaited additional content, since it (finally) gave players the opportunity to explore the game universe as it should. On the program: walks, visits to space stations and colonies… Something to delight players from the start.

But at the exit, it is the drama; the DLC suffers from huge optimization issues, the servers are struggling, and a slew of bugs ruin the experience. Ten major updates later (!), the situation has improved, but is still far from ideal; Frontier estimates that it will still have to work on it for some time. The situation even seems so problematic that the studio has chosen to sacrifice the consoles to be able to wipe the plaster on the PC version.

It’s no secret that Odyssey’s launch was less than ideal”, admits Braben. “Since the May 2021 release, we’ve been working hard to improve the experience on PC. But even though we have made great progress, there is still a lot to do.”, he concedes.

A Bneed to concentrate

On the one hand, it’s a decision that seems rather pragmatic; the studio may have had eyes bigger than its stomach, but it has already proven that it is very attached to its flagship title. To repair its image, indisputably damaged by this unfortunate episode, the studio has every interest in working hard; in this context, there is no question of diluting its efforts on three platforms at the same time. “We need to focus on one platform”, explains Baben.

Admittedly, the vast majority of Elite Dangerous players today play on PC; this decision will therefore not affect the majority of them. But it is nevertheless quite an unusual and rather daring choice. It’s even a tad symbolic since it’s a space exploration game; a genre where the theme of the sacrifice of part of the crew for the good of the greatest number is recurrent.

A cold shower for the console community

But console gamers won’t be entirely left to their fate, even if this announcement is quite a cold shower. Those left behind will still be entitled to critical updates. On the other hand, they should not expect to see landing new content.

Elite Dangerous will continue on console as it is now, with critical updates, but we will focus on new content on PC […]. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we made it with the future of Elite Dangerous in mind.”, concludes Braben.

Symbolically, many players have already started to say goodbye and retire their ships, especially on Reddit as shown in the screenshot above. Many of them also wonder if a transfer system will be put in place. For now, it is already possible to contact Frontier to request a transfer to a PC account.

You will lose all your rewards, faction ranks, and unlocked content. But the cumulative value of these items will be refunded to you in the form of credits. Console players who want to upgrade to the PC version won’t be starting entirely from scratch.

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