Game of thrones jeu mobile MMORPG

Game of Thrones is coming to mobiles in a brand new MMORPG!

Netmarble has unveiled the teaser for a new MMORPG in the colors of Game of Thrones, in collaboration with Warner Bros.

It’s been a few years since the hit series Game Of Thrones aired its final episode, and yet the passion still resonates in the hearts of many fans, who want more. Aside from books by author George RR Martin, would-be geeks can turn to a few video games that bear the franchise’s name. They will soon have another one to eat, as announced by Netmarble.

Indeed, the studio unveils the teaser of a new game stamped Game Of Thrones, and it is an MMORPG. At first glance, this is an open-world title, which will bring together some characters from the series and players from all over the world in a single world. The teaser even gives us feelings of deja vu, with a vibe similar to that of Skyrim before him. Nevertheless, many will have recognized the sweet melody of the credits of the series.

In terms of content, the short video leaves room for many mysteries. We know, however, that the world will represent the region of Westeros, and that history will follow a new course. It is therefore a question here of developing a spin-off, more than a reproduction of the plot of the series or the books. An ambitious project, which promises to transport us once again to the cold of winter.

All in a quality that Netmarble compares to that of a console game. We can therefore already expect a big effort on graphics and photorealism. The icing on the cake would be to be able to fully customize your character, and to choose your house or even your race at the start of the game. It is also possible that we can only choose characters that already exist, as we see a certain part of them in the teaser.

No release date yet

While it was announced for mobile support, it’s not yet known if it will be released on iOS, Android, or both. However, it seems that an MMORPG will feed more easily on all the platforms that can be made available to it, so it should not be restricted to a single OS in particular. No release date has also been revealed, so you will have to be patient to discover this game.

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