Game of Thrones prequel arrives August 31, 2022 on HBO

The Game of Thrones prequel finally has its start date. HBO Max will begin broadcasting House of the Dragon on August 8, 2022. The American platform officially announced the date on social networks using a visual taking up the theme of this prequel: dragons. It remains to be hoped that the result will live up to the expectations of the fans.

house of the dragon teaser

To all who know Westeros like their pocket. Because it’s too easy to find your way between Starfall and Winterfell… To all those who can recite the name and emblem of all the Houses. “Yes, there is a sun pierced with a spear, a deer, a wolf, a lion, a kraken and a falcon!…” And to all those who had already read all the Iron Throne books before his adaptation becomes the 2010s pop culture phenomenon. “Well yes, I say Iron Throne, bunch of dummies! “. In short, to all Game of Thrones fans, this article is dedicated to you.

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Because the saga imagined by Georges RR Martin returns this year. A new series has just been produced by HBO. It’s called House of the Dragon. And we had already mentioned the subject in our columns. A first time when HBO announced in 2021 that it had entered the production phase. And a second time on the occasion of the broadcast on social networks of the first trailer revealing the first scenes of this series. You can find it at the end of this article if you missed it.

See you on August 31, 2022 for the first House of the Dragon episode

Today, HBO announces the release date for the first episode. Fans will therefore be able to throw themselves headlong into the first episode of House of the Dragon from the August 31, 2022. So you still have to wait five months (or 153 sleeps as some on Twitter would say) before discovering a new face for Westeros. The formalization of the date was made on social networks, Twitter in particular. It was matched by the nice visual below where you can see an egg ready to hatch under the watchful gaze of a dragon…

house of the dragon teaser 2

As a reminder, House of the Dragon is a Game of Thrones prequel. The series takes place 200 years ago the death of Ned Stark, the quest for Daenerys Targaryen and the incredible epic of Tyrion Lannister. We will discover there the events leading up to the fall of House Targaryen, which had nevertheless succeeded in uniting under its banner the entire continent of Westeros. But the death of the king leads to a civil war which will lead to the fall of the Dragon family. This prequel therefore tells how it happened. Let’s hope that this new series will be able to rekindle the flame of the fans, a little extinguished following the awkward end of the main series.

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