games of the month february 2022

February starts in just a few days—so it’s time to discover the game selection expected for next month on the service.and PlayStation Plus. As usual, three games will be available for free download for subscribers: two PlayStation 4 games and one PlayStation 5 game. These titles are available from February 1 until February 28.

A History of Violence

It’s up to Electronic Arts to get the ball rolling with EA Sports UFC 4, the latest installment in the MMA fighting game franchise. Due to its popularity—and the lack of competition in the field—, EA Sports UFC still remains the reference for lovers of combat sports. Its synopsis is provided to us by the official PlayStation blog post:

Whatever your style of play, EA Sports UFC 4 will put you at the center of every fight. Develop your character and customize it with a unified progression system across all game modes. Go from unknown amateur to UFC star in the new Career mode or challenge the world in the new modes Blitz Battles and Online World Championships to become the undisputed champion. The sequences are fluid and offer more responsive and authentic gameplay. Knockdowns and ground mechanics have been reworked to improve control during the decisive phases of the fight.

Tina makes heads turn

The choice of the second game of this selection is not trivial: Tiny Tina and the Dragon Fortress: A Wonderful Adventure, the single player campaign spin-off from Borderlands, is the perfect appetizer for the next game from the Gearbox teams. More precisely, it is a taste of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the first big title featuring the troublemaker from Pandora, whose release is scheduled for this year 2022. Note that this is the PS4 version, without the bonuses to the netxt-gen version of the PS5.

Finally, Planet Coaster: Console Edition is the PlayStation 5 exclusive of this monthly selection. As the name subtly suggests, this is the console port of the amusement park construction and management game—with roller coaster creation, ticket sales optimization, and all that goes into it.

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