GameStop to launch into NFTs and blockchain market this year

GameStop to launch into NFTs and blockchain market this year

After Ubisoft, Atari and even what remains of Konami, here is that the American chain of video game stores GameStop is also preparing to join the gold rush of NFTs and blockchain. As we reported in the WallStreetJournal, the American group is currently working on the launch of its own non-fungible token sales platform and plans to invest tens of millions of dollars in the blockchain game market.

A story of tokens

Thus, about twenty people are currently busy developing a platform for the sale and resale of NFTs, with a launch scheduled for this year 2022. GameStop has thus asked several publishers and other groups in the video game industry to ” use its marketplace to introduce their own NFTs, thus creating direct competition with other auction sites like OpenSea.

In addition to the creation of this resale platform, the American group also intends to invest massively in the blockchain games market through an agreement in the process of being signed with two companies specializing in cryptocurrency. Ultimately, GameStop intends to invest in the development of video games taking advantage of blockchain and NFTs by forming new partnerships with “more than ten”Of boxes dedicated to crypto, up to“several tens of millions of dollars“.

Money money money, it’s a rich man’s world

Unsurprisingly, it did not take more to make the stock market jump for joy: the stock market share of GameStop has climbed 20% since this announcement. Even though the sales of physical games continue to be in constant decline in the face of dematerialized offers, the market remains particularly fond of everything related to blockchain-related initiatives. In addition, GameStop had been at the center of a stock market madness at the beginning of last year, which left between that the group had not said its last word. If necessary, we remind you that GameStop is the current owner of the French chain of stores Microamania… To the point.

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