Gaming VR: Cities Skylines and The Last Clockwinder on Meta Quest 2, and cross-platform gameplay for After the Fall (trailers)

VR news is once again loaded this weekend. Two interesting new features point the tip of their virtual pixels on Meta Quest 2, with in particular Cities: VR which is none other than the VR version of Cities: Skyline, or a Sim-City-type city management game, necessarily more immersive under the helmet. The game’s release is set for spring 2022.

The Last Clockwinder is a puzzle game to the principle of gameplay cut for VR. The player embodies a kind of robot that can be duplicated endlessly (well not quite) in order to achieve objectives in each level. The game principle is super clever and sticks well to VR, and not to spoil anything, the artistic direction promises to be superb and makes us think of Miyazaki. The Last Clockwinder will be available on Meta Quest 2 and PCVR in the summer of 2022.

On the exit front The cooperative FPS After The Fall unveils a cross-platform gameplay sequence, which allows you to take a look at the visual rendering of the Meta Quest 2, PSVR and PCVR versions. After the Fall will be available on Meta Quest 2, PCVR (Steam VR) and PSVR on December 9th.

To end this tour of virtual meals, know that the little knight mouse from Moss Book II finally has a release date on PlayStation VR. The game’s release is therefore now scheduled for spring 2022.

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