Des tomates bien mûres

Genetically modified tomatoes to relax and lower blood pressure

We know tomatoes for the vitamins they provide when consumed in salads or in the form of juice. But today, there is also a variety that can lower blood pressure, or reduce anxiety. In any case, this is indicated by the company that sells it on the Japanese market.

According to Scientific American, this special strain, which is actually the result of gene manipulation, is sold in Japan as a way to decompress. It is the first food on the market intended for the general public to have been designed using CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

The company that sells the famous tomatoes is called Sanatech Seed and it is based in Tokyo. The company indicates that this variety of tomato allows relaxation in those who consume it and lowers blood pressure.

What makes tomatoes so special

According to reports, the tomatoes in question have been genetically modified to contain high amounts of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). It is this substance which gives their virtues to tomatoes.

According to Hiroshi Ezura, director of technology at Sanatech and molecular biologist at Tsukuba University, GABA is a well-known health-promoting compound in Japan, like vitamin C. C, explained. This is the reason they chose it as their primary target when they used GM technology.

A doubt remains

Although it is a product already well known to the Japanese public, Scientific American indicates that there are still some doubts about the effects of GABA. There would be no really relevant studies showing that this product actually causes the effects advertised by Sanatech.

To support his remarks, Sanatech cites two human studies. The first one dates from 2003 and talks about the effects of fermented milk containing GABA. The second was published in 2009 and concerns the effects of GABA, vinegar and dried bonito. These two studies were carried out on consumers with moderate hypertension, and showed reductions in blood pressure. Nevertheless, Scientific American indicates that there were no trusted control groups in these studies, and that the observed effects could have been from another source.

Either way, the future will tell if consumers who bought this special variety of tomato to improve their health will be happy with their purchase.

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