George Clooney and Orelsan (again) on the November program

Between Emergencies, Comment c’est loin and The Wheel of Time, the program is loaded on the SVOD platform.

As winter approaches, and the weather is more conducive to afternoons under the covers than for walks in the forest, Amazon Prime Video is boosting its game. The platform SVOD is working hard to end the year on a high note, with new productions, but also the return of certain emblematic series. Between Emergency room, gossip Girl and Veronica March, nostalgia is officially at the rendezvous. On the new side either, we shouldn’t be bored, with a new French comedy Flashback as well as the event series Tea Wheel of Time. Here is the Amazon Prime Video fall menu.


  • Veronica mars (season 1 to 3) – October 27
  • Gossip Girl (season 1 to 6) – October 27
  • Emergency room (season 1 to 15) – November 1
  • Demon slayer (season 1) – November 1
  • Pete the cat (season 2) – November 5
  • Always jane (season 1) – November 12
  • The Wheel of Time (season 1) – November 19

Before his series The Lord of the Rings, Amazon Prime Video has one last little surprise for its fanatic fantasy subscribers. The platform will broadcast The Wheel of Time, adapted from the novels of Robert Jordan. When Moiraine, a member of a feminist organization, arrives in a small village in the remote Deux-Rivières region, the lives of three young villagers Rand, Mat and Perrin will change forever. In the cast, we will find among others Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) and Madeleine Madden (Dora and the lost city).

  • Hanna (season 3) – November 24
  • Do, Re, Mi: Holiday Season – November 24


  • Bohemian rhapsody – November, 1st
  • How far is it – November, 1st

Just a few weeks after the broadcast ofOrelsan : never show that to anyone, the documentary dedicated to the French artist, Amazon Prime Video is interested again in the most famous rappers of Caen. This time, his first feature film will be in the spotlight. Written by himself, How? ‘Or’ What it is far is a dive into the heart of his origins, when he wrote these texts when he worked at night in a hotel. Directed by Christophe Offenstein, in collaboration with Orelsan, it was released in 2015 on our screens and therefore offers a second wind on the Amazon platform.

  • Interstellar November 2
  • The Goonies – November 2
  • American Sniper – November 3
  • Very Bad Trip 3 – November 8
  • Pacific Rim – November 8
  • Hidden beauty – November 9
  • Magic Mike XXL – November 9
  • Mad Max: Fury Road – November 10
  • Flashback – November 11th
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – November 15
  • Batman the Nolan Trilogy – November 15
  • Marie-Francine – November 15
  • Royal palace – November 15
  • The Ideal – November 15
  • San Andreas – November 16
  • Jupiter: The Fate of the Universe – November 17
  • Tarzan – November 16
  • Overlord – November 22
  • Spotlight – November 23
  • My beautiful family, Christmas and I – November 29

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