George RR Martin talks about Elden Ring again

In a new post published on his almost blog, the author George RR Martin again mentioned his participation in Elden Ring, and here to deny a rumor among others. The propagators of this hallway noise be warned, the writer does not lend them a gift of relevance.

He undoubtedly contributed to the critical and commercial success ofElden Ring, even if one could doubt, when the first details of this collaboration were known, of the degree of implication of George RR Martin in this new work of Hidetaka Miyakazi. In June 2021, we learned that the writer had returned his work years earlier.

“I have developed a fairly detailed framework for them [NDLR : les développeurs de FromSoftware]and they used it from there”George RR Martin said at the time. “I haven’t seen them for several years, but they periodically came to show me monsters they had designed. »

Elden Ring: George RR Martin was suspected of having hidden his initials there

On March 21, George RR Martin wrote about the game again in a paragraph in a new “blog” post (the author’s site is called “Not A Blog”). In these lines, the author dwells on a rumor that he concealed his initials in Elden Ringreleased on February 25.

“Oh, and just as I’m trying to clear things up, there’s a weird story on the internet that I ‘hid’ my initials in ELDEN RING because…ah…some of the characters have names. starting with R, or G, or M. To which I respond, ‘Hey? What ? Really ?’ It was news to me. I’ve been writing and publishing stories since 1971, and I suspect I gave characters names starting with R, G, and M from the start. It’s hard to come up with names, especially since A SONG OF ICE & FIRE uses so many of them, and I like to give family members and loved ones names that have something in common… but really, why should i hide my name in the game? My name is right there ON the game, as one of the creators. Hey, ELDEN RING is exciting enough that we need to make things up. »

One false secret less, there are always thousands still to be discovered.

Source: Not A Blog (personal space of George RR Martin, via Kotaku)

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