get paid to watch The Simpsons!

This might be the coolest job offer around right now: getting paid to watch all 33 seasons of The Simpsons, plus the movie! And it’s for a good cause: predicting the future …

The simpsons can they predict the future? This is a theory that has been circulating since several adventures of the series were revealed to be true! The election of Donald Trump to the White House, the coronavirus pandemic, the current fuel shortage in the United Kingdom… All of these events have been portrayed in the long history of The Simpsons.

Predicting the future with the Simpsons

This is why Platin Casino offers this unique job offer. The Rare Pearl will have 8 weeks to watch the 33 seasons of the series plus the animated film that was drawn from it, and note the events described therein. This will help ” predict the probability of each [de ces événements] to arrive “, According to the site. And who says job, says salary: the analyst will be paid 5,000 pounds, or about 5,900 €, which represents 8 € per episode.

As a bonus, the employer will pay the Disney + subscription fees for two months (all of the Simpsons is shown on Disney’s streaming service), and it will even provide a box of donuts each week to keep it going! And of course, it is possible to do this work from home without constraints.

During the viewing, the analyst should take notes on the scenarios, which will then be used by Platin Casino’s team of “prediction experts”. The site will then compile the events into a list of future predictions, along with the probability that they will occur. If the job posting has something to attract all fans of SimpsonsYou should know that it is imperative to have good writing skills and speak English.

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