get ready for an unprecedented immersive experience on PS5!

The Matrix saga may soon be at the heart of an immersive experience thanks to Unreal Engine 5, according to rumors.

A new rumor panics the web. On Reddit, a user allegedly accessed certain data regarding an upcoming event related to Matrix. According to him, something special is planned for this end of the year and it will happen on Sony’s latest generation console, the PS5. Being a dataminer, the user accessed this information by searching the PlayStation Network back-end server, also known as PSN.

He would then have discovered only a handful of information which immediately informed him that the experiment was to come on this console exclusively, but also that a first image was available. In reality it is a promotional poster, which he was quick to leak on the web. This teaches us something very useful.

It would seem that the planned event is related not only to Matrix, but also with Unreal Engine 5, the state-of-the-art game engine whose initial tests are still in progress. On this poster, we also see the silhouette of a city in the background, which sports the green color so characteristic of Matrix. Above, we read: ” The Matrix Awakens, An Unreal Engine 5 Experience “.

This is reminiscent of Matrix 4 is soon out in our theaters. Lana Wachowski’s film titled The Matrix Resurrections will be shown in cinemas from December 22. In fact, it would seem that the two events are linked and that the experience Matrix on Unreal Engine 5 comes to celebrate the return of the cult cinematographic saga. At the moment, very little information is available knowing that none of this has yet been confirmed by Sony or Warner Bros. or even Epic Games which owns the Unreal Engine game engine.

With the Game Awards not far away, players expect an official reveal at the ceremony, which is known to focus on announcing upcoming games, in addition to the awards. In the meantime, you can see the quality of Unreal Engine 5 through the first tests carried out a few months ago by The Coalition. If we’re really dealing with this level of realism, the immersive experience is likely to be pretty darn bluffing.

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