Getting started Sony ZV-1F, Sony wants to see even bigger

Sony is expanding its range of devices dedicated to vlogging and has just announced the new Sony ZV-1F with an ultra wide-angle lens.

For some years, sony offers a complete range of photo-video products dedicated to content creators. So we had until now the ZV-1 and ZV-E10. While we were expecting a slightly more advanced product in this ZV range, Sony is finally offering us a new entry-level product today. So here is the ZV-1F and as the reference may suggest, it is a variation of the ZV-1.

Presentation and characteristics

The first thing you notice is that it is a product with the same size as the ZV-1. So, unsurprisingly, the ZV-1F offers the same 1-inch sensor that we had in the ZV-1 and Sony’s RX-100 range. But while the ZV-1 offered a lens with a zoom ranging from 24mm to 70mm, the ZV-1F features a thin 20mm lens with an aperture of F2.

Sony ZV-1F

Indeed, one of the complaints from users about the ZV-1 was that it wasn’t wide-angle enough even though it was a product intended for vloggers, especially when the electronic stabilization was activated. There was no such problem on the ZV-E10 because the latter offers interchangeable lenses. And that’s where the ZV-1F comes in, a new camera with the bulk of the ZV-1 but a 20mm ultra-wide-angle lens. On the other hand, if this allows you to “vlogger” more simply, you lose the versatility of the zoom up to 70mm of the ZV-1. Choices will have to be made.

Besides, we find all the functions that we had on the ZV-1 such as background blur, automatic exposure with face priority, optimization of skin tones, the impressive Sony’s EyeAF point, slow and fast video functions, the famous “Product Presentation” function, touch zoom and incremental zoom (even if it’s still limited), the 3-capsule micor or even video recording up to in 4K at 30fps or 1080p at 120fps.

“When designing this ZV-1F handheld digital camera, we were thinking first and foremost of the creators,” explains Matthieu Auguy, Marketing Product Manager, Digital Imaging, Sony France. “Audiences always demand superior quality, and creators need an all-in-one shooting solution that combines that quality, creative options, ease of use, and wireless content sharing. We’re also proud to have integrated green elements into the ZV-1F: sustainability remains key to Sony. »


As we said above, we find a design very close to that of the ZV-1 except that on the ZV-1F, the user interface has been somewhat simplified and we find the S&Q mode initiated with the ZV-E10 which allows you to quickly switch between photo, video and timelapse/slow motion modes.

The key word of the ZV-1F according to Sony is simplicity. With a weight of 229g, it has been designed for simple and intuitive use. We obviously find an adjustable LCD screen (practical a device dedicated to vlogs) and the famous “Bokeh Effect” button which allows to maximize the bokeh of the background to bring out the face of the user. The finish itself is pretty good, even if we don’t find the level of the all-metal RX-100 range.

Sony ZV-1F

Connectivity and Imaging Edge Mobile Plus

This is the name of the new smartphone app by Sony since the ZV-1F has been optimized for. So, unsurprisingly, we find Bluetooth and WiFi in order to be able to transfer photos and videos. With this new application, we can now check the shots to post on social networks with the Shooting Marks, during the shooting or after, in the device. In addition, we can extract and transfer to the smartphone specific marked clips, of 15, 30, or 60 seconds, in order to post them directly on social networks.

And finally, we can always use the ZV-1F as a USB streaming device.

Sony ZV-1F

Pricing and Availability

The Sony ZV-1F will be available at the end of October 2022 at a price of 650 euros.


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