Getting started with the EPOS H6PRO headset, everything for gamers

New from the EPOS brand, the H6 PRO is establishing itself in the high-end gaming headset market, with a massive design and a relatively low price.

Sennheiser’s gaming branch, EPOS emancipated itself in 2019 to become one of the benchmark brands in the audio gaming market. After a versatile EPOS H3 headset intended for both Zoom conferences and video games, the H6PRO model returns to its fundamentals, with a headset designed for video game use. Presented as the replacement for the GSP 500 and 600, has this new high-end terminal convinced us? Response after a few weeks of use.

Design and ergonomics

At first glance, the H6PRO looks exactly what you would expect from a gaming terminal. Black, robust and with a rather sober design, the helmet consists of a soft leatherette headband, two open transducers, and thick padded foams. The junctions of the headset are made of aluminum, and there is a dial for adjusting the volume on the right side. So far, nothing very original. It is by inspecting the left side of the helmet, however, that the H6PRO stands out, with a detachable and magnetic micro-boom, can be replaced by a discreet plastic cover when using an external microphone. As usual on the brand’s terminals, the headset does not have a mute button, but can be deactivated simply by orienting it vertically. On the connector side, the wired headset comes with two cables: a 3.5 (angled) jack, and a microphone / headphone jack splitter.

In terms of comfort and support, the H6PRO remains faithful to EPOS standards. Designed for regular users and subjected to gaming sessions that often last several hours at a time, the latest EPOS headset shines with its lightness (310 grams). Despite its massive appearance, long-lasting uses are barely felt. Also inside the transducers, there is no excessive condensation.

Streamer or gamer?

In addition to being very comfortable, the H6PRO benefits – unsurprisingly – from the know-how of the gaming brand on the sound issue. The rendering is very good, even at high power, with intense bass and precise treble. For video games as for streaming, sound spatialization plays its role to perfection, and ensures us a full immersion. Available in two configurations (open or closed), the headset will undoubtedly succeed in finding its audience according to everyone’s habits.

For the open headset, which we tested, the sound reproduction benefits from a more natural sound, with an overall higher quality and less sound insulation. A configuration that will make it perfect in the quiet of your room or for a streaming session for example, but which will require to be used in a perfectly quiet and secluded place. So do not expect to use it in an open space to forget your overly talkative colleagues: not only will the sound not be satisfactory, but your neighbors will also enjoy your music as a soundtrack, which will end up making you unbearable to their people. eyes.

Regarding the closed model, the latter is closer to what one expects from a classic helmet, with a superior sound insulation and memory foam cushions. In a more hectic environment such as a LAN, we recommend that you opt for this type of model, which allows passive reduction of surrounding noise. If we have not had the opportunity to test this configuration, it is undoubtedly the one that will meet the needs of the greatest number.

Unsurprisingly, the microphone is also very satisfactory. If it tends to catch the residual noise a little too much, its ease of use and grip is interesting on a daily basis. The magnetic attachment allows versatile use of the headset, which can also be used with an external microphone for a more successful sound reproduction. At this level, EPOS has not neglected the design aspect, since the headset comes with two covers to prevent the accumulation of dust in the location of the microphone. Flexible and adjustable, it is placed quite naturally at the level of the mouth, and restores a fluent speech, without sizzling. More generally, the possibility of manually muting the microphone by disconnecting it in a single gesture also has some advantages, especially in the event of raged. If you prefer to do things properly, it is obviously possible to mute the microphone simply by raising the pole vertically.

Gaming, and just gaming?

Compared to some versatile gaming headsets, the EPOS H6PRO relies more on a use exclusively for video games. A choice which is not surprising for a brand oriented gaming, but which suffers from some hiccups. To start with no USB cable, in favor of the 3.5 jack. On a gaming product of this quality, we would have appreciated having the choice in the connectors, even if the product remains delivered with a classic 3.5 jack and a headphone / microphone splitter.

Pricing and availability

With an advertised price of € 179, the H6PRO series is available in two finishes (open or closed) and three colors (black, white and green). A single price for a terminal that is ultimately quite complete, which will however require you to clearly identify your habits and needs before choosing your model. For purists, the terminal can also be supplemented by an EPOS GSX 300 external sound card. Offered at $ 79, the latter will make it possible to make the most of the performance offered by the headset.

Discover the EPOS Gaming H6PRO headset at 179 €

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