Getting started with the Logitech G Cloud, the console in the clouds

Logitech has just launched its first console and it is dedicated to the cloud. We were able to take it in hand and here is a first opinion on the Logitech G Cloud.

We just discovered his announcement during the Logi Play 2022 in Berlin and it is somewhere a surprise. We knew Logitech as a peripheral manufacturer, we now know Logitech as a console builder. Afterwards, we are now in 2022 and everything is possible! The hardest part will therefore be to make the console and its possible successors sustainable.

Logitech is therefore truly launching its console, but this is not necessarily what we thought. here is Logitech G Cloud and no, it’s not a competitor to the Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch. To put it simply, the Logitech G Cloud is an Android tablet with a 7-inch Full HD screen, a full integrated controller and a console-like user interface based on Android 11 and therefore Cloud Gaming oriented via applications such as Xbox Game Pass, the Nvidia GeForce Now and even local with Xbox or even Steam Link.

Logitech G Cloud

Technical characteristics

Because it remains above all an Android tablet, we find almost the technical characteristics of an Android device. Also, the Logitech G cloud offers a 7-inch IPS touch screen with Full HD definition and a refresh rate of 60Hz. Full HD obliges, it is indeed a 16/9 format that we find and the biggest advantage compared to a smartphone is that there will be no side black bands during Cloud Gaming sessions.

Otherwise, in the very bowels of the Logitech G Cloud, we find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal memory, a Micro-SD port, Bluetooth 5.1 with aptX support, WiFi 5 2 ×2, stereo speakers, a jack, an impressive 6000mAh battery providing 12 hours of Cloud Gaming according to Logitech, Android 11 with a Logitech overlay, all in a weight of only 463g.

Available from this month of October in the United States only initially, count a price of 349.99 dollars or 299.99 dollars during the pre-order period.

Logitech G Cloud

The care of

When you pick up the Logitech G Cloud for the first time, the first thing you notice is its perfectly distributed weight. There is no imbalance due to a photo block that is too big or an ill-suited controller and/or controller support. The screen is of good quality and we regret the refresh rate of only 60Hz. In fact, it’s logical and in line with what we expect from Cloud Gaming, but GeForce Now already supports 4K and 120Hz so clearly, the G Cloud is intended above all for games that will not require a competitive side.

Moreover, it is all the positioning of Logitech with a relatively aggressive price and far from the high-end standards that we are used to seeing in the world of gaming. Logitech has designed its G Cloud to offer users faster and easier access to Cloud Gaming and at home without necessarily monopolizing their smartphone, all at an aggressive price, far from the price of a machine like the Steam Deck and far its weight as well.

Logitech G Cloud

It is important to remember and this partly justifies that the G Cloud only offers WiFi and no 4G/5G. Next to it, we find all the buttons of a classic controller and in hand, the buttons were pleasant and responsive, at least for those on the top. As expected, the triggers are now far from the standards at Xbox and Playstation. They will do the job but no progressive race. On the other hand, we found the directional cross too big and we would have preferred a choice more similar to what Nintendo offers. It also reminds us why we never really appreciated Logitech controllers when it was still one of the few options on PC.

Because it remains an Android base and we have access to the Google Play Store, all accounting will be limited to what is found on the Google store. Also, even though Logitech hasn’t highlighted Playstation and Nintendo apps, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work with the Logitech G Cloud. And finally, from our gaming sessions, we did not note any particular bad experiences. The WiFi was stable and the Logitech G Cloud worked like any Android tablet or smartphone.


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