Gmail will soon allow you to track your packages, just before Christmas

The Christmas shopping season is approaching, and Google is trying to prepare for the online ordering onslaught by rolling out a new feature to its Gmail that will let you track your packages.


This year, Google celebrated 18 years of Gmail by giving it a new look with Material You. After updating the interface of its messaging, it is now on the side of the features that users will be entitled to new features. In effect, just in time for the shopping season, the service will make it even easier to track your packages.

The main improvement is that the orders you have placed will be placed at the top of your inbox list with the delivery date, allowing you to quickly review the information. Clicking on these items in your inbox will give you more detailed information about your order, including a summary card at the top of the email for the status of your package.

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Google wants to encourage its users to order online at Christmas

The information displayed at the top of your inbox on Gmail will be simple. Unless you want more detailed information, like how many times the item has been scanned, the destination country and so on, you’ll need to open a website for that, but most users should be content with it.

As explained above, it will not be necessary to open the summary email, but it will give you a bit more information. For example, the status of the shipment and, of course, links to track the package or view order details.

Google says this feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks, and users should soon see it available on their account. The good news is that‘this will be an optional feature. As soon as the feature is live, users will see an alert card the next time they open their Gmail app. This card will inform the user that Gmail can track packages for them, with the possibility of activating or deactivating the function.

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